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Knowledge is the cornerstone of every modern civilization with Science and Technology remain its fulcrum. Those who have gained mastery over Technology, today, control the global economy. India with its enormous natural resource and largest youth power has the opportunity to emerge as a global leader in all respects. In order to achieve this, a considerable program to empower the youth by enabling them to acquire knowledge and apply it to solve the problems of the society is a precondition. Go...

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SCIDENTITY is the psychosomatic processes by which youngsters become inspired by STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics), to the point of personal relevance, ownership, and integratio...

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SCIMPLIFY is the anatomization of theories, concepts through experiments, research for discovering new things that can go beyond their internal frameworks for understanding, inform, modify, and bec...

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Science Around Us

Space to Ground: Surviving the Plunge: 11/09/2018[Source : NASA]


How and Why Is NASA's OSIRIS-REx Mission Visiting Asteroid Bennu?[Source : NASA]

NASA Lands InSight
on Mars[Source : NASA]

Apollo 8: A Story of Christmas Around the Moon[Source : NASA]

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