Knowledge is the cornerstone of every modern civilization with Science and Technology remain its fulcrum. Those who have gained mastery over Technology, today, control the global economy.

India with its enormous natural resource and largest youth power has the opportunity to emerge as a global leader in all respects. In order to achieve this, a considerable program to empower the youth by enabling them to acquire knowledge and apply it to solve the problems of the society is a precondition.

Good quality education thus is a prerequisite for this. However the current system is surrounded with plethora of problems from Teacher quality, relevant curriculum, technology in classrooms, overall learning outcomes, infrastructure, to name a few & at the micro level, Practical knowledge, skill based education, problem solving skills are still far away from the reach of our students.

Right from the start, children need to be moulded in a distinct manner in which they do much more than repeat a list of facts; the need to acquire knowledge with a strong base in Science, maths, language skills, to be critical thinkers who can make sense of information, analyse, compare, contrast, make inferences, and generate higher order thinking skills.

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