SCIDENTITY is the psychosomatic processes by which youngsters become inspired by STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics), to the point of personal relevance, ownership, and integration into the sense of self that facilitates economic well-being.

Apart from enhancing science literacy, SCIDENTITY promote STEM career choice & aid   science teachers in enriching their self-concepts and capacities as passionate professionals able to ignite lifelong curiosity and inspiration within their students.

VSSF decipher these extraordinary experiences through the following pillars,

  • Vikram Sarabhai Science Museum – VSSM
  • Vikram Sarabhai Science School- VSSS
  • Vikram Sarabhai Science Outreach program – VSSO
  • Science professional development & Excellence program for Teachers – SCIPRO


SCIMPLIFY is the anatomization of theories, concepts through experiments, research for discovering new things that can go beyond their internal frameworks for understanding, inform, modify, and become integrated into a person’s identity.

VSSF generates several exciting science learning projects designed to enhance students / Teachers & participants inquisitiveness towards science, the project focus on providing unique experiential learning opportunities both in formal & informal learning environment.

SCIMPLIFY agenda of VSSF is brought forward through,

  • Science Promotion Orient Test- SPOT
  • SPOTLink
  • SCIPedia

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