Vikram Sarabhai Science Foundation, Kakkanad is the embodiment of the vision of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, for a scientifically enriched posterity taken forward by his disciple, one of the great scientists and academicians of our times, Dr. Madhavan Nair.The Science Foundation aims to mould a generation of original concepts, hypotheses and research and provides an environment that is receptive and responsive to the inquistiveminds and dynamic enough to spur them in the long quest to seek answers and to prove what they believe in. Established in the year 2011, the Vikram Sarabhai Space Foundation at Kakkanad, Kochi aims to stimulate innovation and education in science and research disciplines all of which are focused at nurturing and enlightening the future generations. The centre plans to create a dynamic, integrated research community that provides R&D leadership into the 21st century.Vikram Sarabhai Science Foundation conducts workshops on science awareness including events such World Space Week, science fairs, interaction sessions and research programs for students about the prospects in the field of science.The Vikram Sarabhai Science Initiative promotes better awareness and understanding of science and technology through institutions such as the Science Museum, Science Gallery and various science initiatives.

Vison 2020

“Transform mindsets & Shape future generations by building excellence in Science”


  • To aid students discover the “World of Science” thereby exploring green opportunities
  • To provide students with insightful sustainable programmes to enhance their understanding & discover new knowledge
  • To provide learning opportunities to the “Bright & Curious” irrespective of their back ground
  • To build VSSF as the “Centre of Excellence”in the field of Science

Strategic Pillars

  • SPOT (Science Promotion Orient Test): Medium through which the foundation access & assist the "Bright & Curious"
  • SPOTICO Primary learning & engagement platform exclusively for 'BRIGHT SPOTS to provide impactful programs that develop science literacy, build critical skills and foster the joy of learning science
  • SCIENCEPEDIA: Gateway to Discovery, Knowledge, Exploration & Opportunities.

Why is Science important?

Science isn't just a collection of facts & figures but rather a remarkable way of thinking.

Science is important to humanity's future & well-being. It's the answer for today’s pressing issues from providing Energy security to Global warmingto Curing illness to living sustainably in a finite world, all which require scientific & technological solutions.

Science is crucial to the long term survival of our species (Greenhouse gases, climate change)

Science can change the future, helps us take informed decisions

Help humanity through medicine (Germ theory,Antibiotics,Stem cell research etc.)

"Science is a powerful expression of two of the defining qualities of humans- Creativity & Curiosity" – Ray Mathias

Astronomy puts us in contact with grand scale of universe

Science is disciplined enquiry & Scientists are part of that discovery.It's an ongoing human endeavour & to one which today's young might answer the problems of the world

Science is the engine of growth & prosperity. It's a system for exploring, for innovation& can fire one's imagination. It can form a path for the young in a competitive global market place that deserves steady commitment.

"In a nutshell, Science is the foundation of everything"


Regd. Office :
Vikram Sarabhai Science Park, Plot No. 10/870,Thengode P.O
Kakkanad,Kochi -30, Mob: +91 9745377791, 8943233388

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